WCBE – Columbus Ohio

Marisa Silver – Sometimes you have to change: In the interview, Marisa Silver talks about her time in Ohio (think overcast skies), her background working in Hollywood, and how she became a writer.

KPFA – Radio Wolinsky

Marisa Silver – Little Nothing: In the interview, Marisa Silver talks about the relationship between the film-making and novel-writing, the role of themes in her work, and the nature of her artistic choices.

KCRW Bookworm Interview

In Marisa Silver’s Little Nothing (Blue Rider Press), an ugly young dwarf girl transforms first into a beauty, then into a tall woman, then into a wolf. We talk about metamorphosis and how the depths of the psyche intersects with the inner structure of fairy...

Los Angeles Review of Books on KCRW

Percival Everett, Marisa Silver, and Alex Espinoza all write about Los Angeles and have deep ties to Southern California Three Great Novels from Local Writers